For all EU citizens and Swiss citizens is no extra Visa required. You only need a Passport, which is longer valid then 6 months. You will get your stamp at the border that is valid for 90 days.

What do I need to bring?

Beside the normal things like sunscreen and whatever you need for holidays at the beach. It is good to bring a sleeping bag or something comparable for the tropical nights.

Can I come alone?

Yes, we are open minded people, who are definitely good for conversations about surfing, traveling or whatever makes you feel comfortable. You will not go back home without making some more friends.


The state of Santa Catarina, where we are situated is the safest state of Brazil. We got nearly european standards.

How to get to us?

Nearest international airport is Florianópolis. From there we can arrange a pick up or you take the bus from the bus terminal “Rita Maria” to Imbituba and we will pick you up there.

i. e. Airlines:

Please notice that at every flight from Europe your luggage will not get checked thru at Rio or Sao Paulo. You need to pick it up and Check In again at the transit desk.

What kind of immunization is required?

Besides the regular immunizations like Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B exists just one exception. Per law you need a yellow fever immunization if you have been in a risky area (parts of Africa, Peru, Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia) in the last 3 months.

Do I need to bring my own board?

It is not necessary to bring your own board. You can also rent one here. We got a wide range from 9´0´´ foamies (beginner boards) via 7´3´´ intermediate boards down to the classic high performance short boards.


It is obligated that every traveler got his own insurance for his stay abroad. i.e. Swiss: Elvia or Germany: DAK